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Gandhi, come to my college!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world", keh gaye hamare Dearest Gandhi.

Chuck it, who wants to read about what Gandhi said when he was alive? His picture on the Indian Currency says a lot everyday, every minute, for everyone! But these questions really bother me : Why does today's leader very much wants Gandhi only in his pocket, and not even intend to incorporate, or even respectfully understand his ideals? Why does it take so much to be pro-active? Why do we let ourselves be anything less than perfect, at what we do? Why don't we tackle the feeling of being incompetent every morning?

All this agitation started in the morning, when I started contemplating over how a particular technical festival in my college is being organized. I am an engineering student, and I have put my heart and soul since the past three weeks into getting sponsors for the events under my department. To clarify, my father's job designation or my mother's social status doesn't help me get money from investors. And I am proud of this part, that I pursue such jobs solely because I love adding some value to the organizations I am associated with. And I know that there are so many, so many people in the college who feel the same. But then, whats wrong? Why do we, as a group, always miss perfectionism by, say like the last few points? All this inspite of having many, many good leaders, in a crowd of others who are not true to even themselves! I am lucky enough to sit at home on this national holiday, and ponder over these things. Most of us are probably holidaying in some shimla or mussourie, sitting fat over the bundles of Gandhi Currency notes we have been successful in accumulating. And I am even luckier to have started off with Gandhi, I just came across a G+ update which quotes Gandhi ji saying “Anger and intolerance are the twin enemies of correct understanding”. And I totally believe that we need to BE THE CHANGE, so Ill start afresh, keeping aside all the anger and intolerance towards the TechFest situation :)

Let this be the thought for the day : “ There are seven things that will destroy us : Wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, religion without sacrifice, politics without principle, science without humanity, and Business without Ethics”

Amen! :)

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