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Six Weeks to Undo Sixth Semester's Sins

Introductory paragraphs are supposed to be short, else the reader gets put off, they say! Mine was running long enough, so I made it the second one.

I have recently been called 'mugga' by my younger sibling! I have been called that every alternate day, for the last two weeks! I know I dint mug anything, just accepted my inability at producing what semester exams at my university expect from students (yes, took me a lot of time to figure this out), and then just tried to remain sincere with my plan. But that sincerity would zero down to frustration after most exams, when it seemed pointless to have gotten through all those books and notes, for the test was only about your ability to link the keywords in the question to the keywords you remember from the last 24 hours' preparation. Write a few points that could be 'highlighted' to qualify your answer correct. Now, to quantify your effort, fill sheets with what-so-ever crap you can think of. Yes, writing the question again is also acceptable!!

Now after all the junk, its time to feed some spinach to our minds! I have quite a list. So would all my peers. But, I'm gonna share it here. I have heard talking about it helps people stick to their plans, so lets try it this time! Here's a list of all that I hope to read, learn and do in the next six-eight weeks before college reopens:

  • Make the most of my Summer Training: I admire my classmates who are coding for GSOC, or working at startups, or going to IITs or other research internships. Myself, I just wanna make the most out of what I got in hand, and I consider myself lucky for that. With my cousins help, I got an opportunity at TechMahindra, and I am really looking forward to having good exposure and a hard-working time there, irrespective of the project I will be assigned (tomorrow)!
  • Books to read: I will be travelling 2-4 hours everyday, and NOT driving, so i started off with Stephen Hawking's The Grand Design. Next up will be Steve Jobs biography by Karen Blumenthal. Lets finish these two, and I would have decided the next book by then :)
  • Blogs to follow: I recently discovered two of my college seniors, (they don't know me) have quite a few good posts. Otherwise too, they both really command respect for their intellect, and I've subscribed to their blogs and There are a lot more seniors who inspire me, but that can become a future blog post!
  • I already follow and recently found There isn't much common other than the word ZEN and the motive to help readers. And this isn't a coincidence, but I really wanna figure out what ZEN really is, too. I will find other sources for that though. And articles about Taoism. One good option is to follow relevant groups and people on G+. (A blog post on G+ and its perks soon)
  • Technical articles/blogs: First, my brother had been telling me about ESR's philosophy during our chats in my study breaks, and I am starting with The Art of Unix Programming right away! Second, I had subscribed to Smashing Magazine don't know how long back, but never read it seriously! Whenever I can squeeze out time, I'll check it out in detail.
  • To write/learn/code/research: I really find it interesting to observe how the masses perceive facebook. The most interesting part: most of us need to be much more aware and alert about what's good and what's not, about FB. After making the changes to my own profile, I'll write about what are the simplest few changes we can make to our FB usage. And my list of alternatives to facebook, for spending time online.
  • Next, I am going to experiment a lot with the ideas I had during exams. Some of them are small enough to be a reason to learn web development, and a few might be big enough to be considered for my university project. But, lots of work needed here first of all!

Phew! I myself just figured out for the first time how much I had kept for post-exams, after compiling this list!

Doing everything may seem unrealistic, but of course, I'll approach all these in little steps. I have been adding links, so that if someone finds any of them interesting, I have a partner to chat about something cool and of course, doing things together helps us achieve a lot more :)

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