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This summer I'm flipping bits, not burgers

I wasn't even checking the results that night when I got a congratulatory email from a friend. There was nothing else one could be congratulated for on that night, except for GSoC results. As difficult as it was to believe I found it to be true that my proposal indeed got selected for the 10th Google Summer of Code, for the summers of 2014. I will be working under KDE and my proposal aims to improve how Trojitá sends email over SMTP and make it as robust and capable as the IMAP part, the USP of the email client. :D

My first contribution to Free and Open Source Software began with a patch for Trojitá in February. It was a feature request that I thought I could work on, and while it took me very long to bring the patch to the quality that could get it merged, it was a different high I experienced when I heard "Ship It!" for the first time in my life, and saw my name in the 'About Trojitá' menu of the email client I had started loving to use.

About Trojitá - List of Contributors

This is the reward of working with open source projects. You can imagine the impact your code can have on thousands (and millions? :D) of users and this motivates you to improve the patch each time it gets returned from a review by mentors. Another encouragement is that open source projects do not care about your exam scores, your university's reputation, or even your majors for that matter! I was thinking hard how to spend the summers after my final semester and before joining the job I have been offered through campus placement, and Google Summer of Code seemed like the dream option to me. However, I was never too sure about getting selected as I am not an experienced developer, so I kept exploring other options while planning to keep contributing to Trojitá at my own, slow pace.

The first thing I did on the morning after the results night, was clear all the bookmarked interships! I have cleared most of the distractions by now, and got another patch submitted recently. I am still lagging behind schedule, but it's only going to get better from now :)

If you are even one bit curious about how Open Source projects, GSoC, or Computer Science outside your exam-syllabus works, then keep watching this space. I will try and blog as much as I can about all that I am upto :)

Cheers to the Summer of 2014! :D

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